Womens Open 300m Freestyle Team - Heats (Declared Winners)

FINA 2018 Long Points

Full Results

PlaceNameA.GClub Time R.T.FINA Pt 
1.Plymouth Leander SC Plymouth Lea 2:41.79    
 50m 27.00100m 54.45150m 1:22.65200m 1:49.31250m 2:15.78300m 2:41.79  
2.Wycombe District SC Wycombe Dist 2:44.65    
 50m 27.31100m 54.88150m 1:22.70200m 1:50.27250m 2:17.05300m 2:44.65  
3.Hatfield SC Hatfield 2:45.04    
 50m 26.36100m 55.02150m 1:22.86200m 1:50.71250m No Split300m 2:45.04  
4.Guildford City Swimmin Guildford Ct 2:45.32    
 50m 26.67100m 54.61150m 1:21.96200m 1:49.52250m 2:17.71300m 2:45.32  
5.Stockport Metro SC Stockport Mo 2:45.43    
 50m 27.66100m 55.32150m 1:22.84200m 1:50.11250m 2:17.73300m 2:45.43  
6.City Of Oxford SC Co Oxford 2:46.74    
 50m 27.58100m 54.74150m 1:22.38200m 1:50.62250m 2:19.49300m 2:46.74  
7.City Of Peterborough S Co Peterboro 2:46.95    
 50m 26.88100m 54.98150m 1:22.65200m 1:51.02250m 2:18.92300m 2:46.95  
8.Millfield School Millfield 2:48.02    
 50m 28.09100m 55.55150m 1:24.14200m No Split250m 2:19.40300m 2:48.02  
9.Team Ipswich Swimming teamipswich 2:48.37    
 50m 28.24100m 55.98150m No Split200m 1:51.93250m No Split300m 2:48.37  
10.City of Derby Swimming Co Derby 2:52.08    
 50m 27.66100m 55.78150m 1:23.29200m 1:53.12250m 2:22.33300m 2:52.08